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I first gave acupuncture, and Lillie, a try when traditional methods to relieve pain from a herniated disc in my back had failed. Cortisone and Synvisc had practically no pain relieving effect.  I had no expectations that acupuncture would help either and felt sure that surgery was inevitable.  After several sessions I began to understand her belief that “the natural state of our bodies is one of balance and health”, as pain slowly subsided and eventually disappeared. She has helped me through bi-lateral knee replacements, the herniated disc and routine aches and pains. I still use traditional doctors but when asked to list my “primary care provider” I list Lillie, unless an MD is required.  She literally saved my life in the sense that I was returned to a state of well being, both physically and spiritually, that I hadn’t experienced in a long time.

The acupuncture treatment and care that I have experienced from Lillie Stewart has dramatically changed my life in many wonderful ways. Before I started acupuncture, I was on several medications for high blood pressure, anxiety and depression. My wake up call came when I walked out of my doctor’s office with a fistful of additional medications to supplement what I was already taking! I knew that I had to make a major shift in the way I managed my health.

Thankfully, through the recommendation of a friend, Lillie came into my life and I began acupuncture treatments. As soon as treatment began, it was clear that I was under the care of a professional who treated my whole body, spirit and soul. Lillie speaks with clarity and compassion. In addition to her talent as an acupuncturist, she is such a nice, down to earth person with a welcoming, beautiful treatment space. I look forward to each visit with Lillie.

I am thrilled to say that now I am medication free! My blood pressure is normal and the anxiety and depression is nonexistent. As a matter of fact, my cardiologist was so impressed with my improved condition, he said, “Whatever it is that you are doing in acupuncture, keep it up!” Those words meant a lot to me and I plan on taking that advice.

After a lifetime of stomach pain and many a doctor's bafflement at the cause of my symptoms, I decided to try acupuncture on a whim. Within just a couple of months of treatment with Lillie, my pain was under control. This was a year ago. With regular maintenance visits, the pain is now completely gone, along with several other symptoms of imbalance (loss of appetite, fatigue, sour moods, and headaches).

Eloquent in her speaking and sensitive in her heart, Lillie always has a perfect thing to say. She is able to offer deep wisdom with lightness and enthusiasm so that it is easy to understand and make a part of daily practice.

I started treatment with Lillie because I was curious about what overall health effects it could have on my life, and the benefits have been greater than I could have imagined. Over this period of time, I have developed an awareness of ways I have worked against my own best interest. And with that newfound clarity and Lillie's support, I have made some difficult but positive changes. When physical issues have arisen, her response has always been thoughtful and intelligent, which has helped me to approach my worries in the same way and see how I can embrace the symptoms to make wise decisions. I see Lillie as a partner in my overall emotional and physical health, and I have immense trust in her judgement and genuineness.

I have been extremely pleased with the treatment and care that I have experienced while seeing Lillie. She has shown tremendous compassion and perception, and the treatments have helped me immensely.

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